I trust Israel to the Same Degree I trust Iran

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by Chris Black

A motive for neoliberals that want to phase out fossil fuels is that it allows countries with oil to defy the globalists.

Oil is a commodity everybody needs, so even if the bad faith human rights trolls sanction you for refusing to appease them, you can just sell it to China or on the black market and get by.

Europe and America are starving for energy. Biden even released strategic reserves to slow down rising prices.

Restoring full diplomatic ties with Iran (and Venezuela) to be able to buy their oil would mitigate this problem.

How much are Americans willing to sacrifice in our personal lives for Israel?

World Jewry threw the kitchen sink at Iran and failed.

They just discovered a new reserve holding $5.4 trillion in oil. China and Russia have already signed a contract to help develop it.

Germany can pretend its pinwheels can power its sophisticated manufacturing economy, but they know the truth.

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How much longer is Europe going to put aside its interests to placate a bunch of zionists in Washington and London? What do they get out of it?

The Iranians are gaining an upper hand. They can get many of the sanctions lifted AND build nuclear weapons.

America and Israel have already done their worse short of a full-fledged war. A war Israel will be too afraid to fight and Washington too incompetent to win.


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