I Was Worried About President-elect Trump On Inauguration Day, But Now I know "The Beast" Will Protect Him And The First Family.

by Pamela Williams
Wow! The Beast is here, and it will protecting President-elect Trump and the First Family on Inauguration Day! It is wildly fantastic, and I hope it does not have to fire its gun or its tear gas cannon. If President-elect and his family need to be protected, I feel this new Cadillac Beast will do it very well. According to some reports on what evildoers have planned for Inauguration Day, the Beast may have to be fired up. I hope this is not the case, but it is not sounding good.
A Republican senator in Washington, where violent riots broke out after the election of President-elect Donald Trump last week, has created a bill that would allow prosecution of protesters and rioters who engage in domestic terrorism. Sen. Doug Ericksen said the bill would permit the felony prosecution for terrorism that would target “those who intentionally break the law in an attempt to intimidate or coerce private citizens or the government by obstructing economic activity.” Thus, he is paving the way to protect Americans and their President and First Family during their awaited Inauguration Day. Further he went ton to say, “I respect the right to protest, but when it endangers people’s lives and property, it goes too far,” he continued. “Fear, intimidation and vandalism are not a legitimate form of political expression. Those who employ it must be called to account.”
This gives me some relief in my worry of what might happen during the Inauguration. Unfortunately, time has allowed some people to become violent and disruptive in the name of freedom. It is so sad that some have abused the freedom we have here in America; however, the fact is protests are now leading to murderous acts. It has to stop, and I think President-elect Trump and his Team will see to it that it does. I just read that Michael Moore is doing all he can to disturb this time for Americans. He has prospered here in America, and he has had the freedom to create and earn a good living at that. You would think he would respect the electoral process that has honestly chosen Donald Trump as President, He and his Hollywood buddies are vile and ignorant, and I do not ever plan to go to a movie theatre again….this is how I will protest them.
Back to the Beast, this cool vehicle will replace Obama’s entourage of a dozen limos, and it will reportedly be stocked with bulletproof windows, plated with military-grade armor, thus “making the doors so heavy that President Trump won’t be able to open them from the inside.” While reading about the vehicle, I thought of how young Barron Trump will be utterly amazed! He is sure to have a awesome day as he watches his father become the 45th President of the United of America. Praise God!

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According to Autoweek, however, the limo will inherit most of its traits — including its size and general design — from previous presidential limos. The “big changes” will reportedly center on the limo’s communications system. Perhaps it will include access to gigabit internet?
Granted, Autoweek speculated that it was “unlikely to be transformed into a mobile office” featuring “multiple tables, screens and office equipment,” since presidents do not typically spend that much time in the limo.
Of course, presidents haven’t typically been billionaire businessmen, either.
The only drawback to the limo was that it would reportedly cost $1.5 million, which in fairness was a small price to pay to both keep the most important man in the world safe and protected and also arm him with the weapons needed to keep back haters and miscreants.



5 thoughts on “I Was Worried About President-elect Trump On Inauguration Day, But Now I know "The Beast" Will Protect Him And The First Family.”

  1. My My how times have changed and so have our priorities. Just to think that not so long ago the most important man ever to walk this earth, God’s own son, did not have anyone protecting him at all. And he was in an occupied land full of Roman soldiers. And….he had no plan B and no replacement. He Had to Succeed, and he did. Praise the Lord…. More at ItsHisStory.com

    • I’m not sure which book you read, but the one I did was where Jesus was killed.
      Him returning from the dead are from anecdotal reports without any physical evidence. So I have a problem with that, because as a talking monkey, confirmation bias and personal biases are very difficult to overcome, so my best chance is evidence and the scientific method. (Which disproves evolution, so don’t label me a whoopsie we’re here by chance because of a cosmic ejaculation, called Panspermia…evolutionary theory’s last hope, ha! Is unfalsifiable, so it is a religion too!)
      If someone wanted talking monkeys to BELIEVE, (s)he would have left EVIDENCE talking monkeys could understand.
      No pics, it didn’t happen.
      Not that I don’t respect anyone trying to do good in a world of overwhelming suffering of billions of people…I commend that, just don’t give up your intellect to do it. I behave well because I have decided to do so, no punishment or reward needed.

  2. Trump is not Jesus. He is a human being put here like the rest of us mortals. Some mortals who oppose him are actually demonic beings who hope he fails at bringing dignity back to the office of the Presidency. I think that is why God put him here. God put Jesus here as a divine being to show humanity how much it means to God. The bottom line is Jesus loved perfectly, but humans have not mastered that…clearly.

  3. George Soros will have a large number of “his” people out there disrupting and causing violence and damage. Spray them with a fine mist of water. In this cold, it will freeze the foreskins of all these shits.


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