I went out again to see the local hospital’s testing site, got to ask a nurse a few quick questions [VIDEO]

Quick notes:

-The hospital was just about as full as last time… the testing site seems a bit busier but no long lines or anything.

-I was able to get closer to show the lack of goggles and you can see the people at the testing site are not being very careful with their mask hygiene.

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-They seem to just roll them down onto their chins when not dealing with patients or test subjects.

-The people at the entrance to the queue now have masks, and I did not see the guards with tasers this time.

-The nurse I spoke with said that there are patients, and said they are “ruling them out” but she did not get specific and I didn’t want to pry because she was on the way in to start her shift and was in a hurry.

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-She said they are running low on masks

“I’m a Nurse – and TERRIFIED”

h/t BFD