I work in food, and watching inflation happen in realtime is quite jarring.

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by jammin727

Grocery store worker ape and X shareholder reporting in. I work with meat every day, and seeing prices rise over the last few weeks has me shook. Here’s just a sampling of what things cost now.

1 pound package of Oscar Mayer Bacon. Was $6.99 merely 3 weeks ago. As of today is $9.49

Filet Mignon. Out of most people’s price ranges anyway, but our older, more monied clientele bought quite a bit of it. 1 month ago was $17.99-19.99/lb. As of 3 weeks ago it is now $27.99/lb.

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Chuck roast. $5.99/lb last week. $8.99/lb today.

Sirloin tip steak. Ah yes the lowly sirloin tip steak, about as bargain as a bargain cut gets. The store I work is next to the campus of a state.university, so the tip steak is a great way for broke college kids to get a piece of beef. Yesterday tip steak was $5.99/lb Today? $10.49/lb. Almost doubled in price.

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Pretty soon much of the population will be priced out of EATING.



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