I work with adverse reaction reports. Here’s a few things I’ve noticed.

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Hi. I work in a profession that requires me to regularly go through dozens of adverse reaction reports (Pfizer-BioNtech). Now, I know my legitimacy is highly questionable as I am just a guy online but I need to say these things somewhere.

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  1. Most people don’t know that a reporting system exists and that they’re supposed to report their reactions by themselves. Many (understandably) assume that this is the doctor’s job or only come to know about the reporting system from another patient that is also at the hospital for issues from the treatment.
  2. The second vaccine is worse than the first one. Most describe how their first dose was symptomless (or only caused a mild hedache/fever) and that the onset of more serious, chronic issues only came with the second dose.
  3. There is widespread gaslighting by the medical community. I’ve seen too many 25-30-year-olds with no previous conditions describe that one of their eyes has gone blind, they suffered a stroke or lost their ability to speak clearly (without slurring) after the vaccine, only to be essentially told “It can’t be the vaccine because if it caused issues this serious, it would have not been rolled out.
  4. Those with issues are on their own. The doctors don’t believe them, there is no advice for them, their stories are not picked up by the media and they’re unable to work. Many of the reports sound more like cries of help. Especially those young feel angry and scared. As one nurse put it “I took this so I could work. How can I work when my resting heart rate is at 150-200 bpm?”
  5. The issues are very concerning. The pattern I notice is the issues are especially located in three places: the heart, the brain and the reproductive organs. For one’s body to compromise the function of such vital organs is very, very terrifying.

If you have taken this, please get yourself checked. Shoulder pains can be a symptom of heart issues while headaches or loss of fine motor skills signals neurological issues. If you have had any symptoms, even seemingly small, just get yourself checked.

NOTE: I am not from the United States but from another developed Western country with mass vaccination roll-out. I don’t want to specify any more than this, as I like my job. Some points may or may not apply to your country but I didn’t want to leave anything unmentioned, as broad structural issues ignored in one developed country should cause concern in others.



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