IBM’s Project Debator is an AI designed to debate humans by accessing insane amounts of “fact based” information online to form an argument. Human shills, meet your replacement.

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IBM is developing an AI which can debate humans with information stored in it’s memory. (apologies; headline says “online” and is incorrect, at least for now. )

Project Debater turned out to be a formidable opponent, scanning the hundreds of millions of newspaper and journal articles in its memory to quickly synthesize an argument on a topic and position it was assigned on the spot. The skinny, black, rectangular screen stands about five and a half feet tall, putting it around the same height as a human opponent.

“Project Debater could be the ultimate fact-based sounding board without the bias that often comes from humans,” said Arvind Krishna, director of IBM Research.

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Of course, by “fact based”, they mean that which is recognized as fact by those that create our false reality.


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