Ice Cube: Black Americans Haven’t Gained Much After Voting Democrat for Decades

As the midterm elections draw closer, prominent Democrats are having trouble connecting with black voters who are fed up with soaring inflation, out-of-control crime, and the non-stop influx of illegal aliens. In a 2021 interview that has gone viral again, rapper and actor Ice Cube explained that black Americans haven’t really gained much after voting Democrat for decades.

Ice Cube sat down with journalist Graham Bensinger last year for a conversation in which he said the Biden administration has so far failed to engage in a meaningful way with his “Contract with Black America” — his manifesto that puts forth a “blueprint to achieve racial economic justice.”

“They haven’t done anything to act on it. I’ve had one conversation with an assistant to the president but no talk with the president. No other movement,” he said. “We’re still working though.”

When asked about the blowback he received for meeting with President Donald Trump, Ice Cube said people assume black people are unconditionally loyal to Democrats.

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“I just think people didn’t understand exactly where I was coming from. And people are really used to seeing black people go on one side, to the Democratic party,” he said

“We’ve been doing that for a long time as a people and we haven’t really gained as much as we should. And I believe it’s important to engage with both sides, and not just one side, because if the one side you’re engaging with doesn’t respond, there’s no where to turn.”


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