ICE Reports Confirm: It’s Time To End The Sanctuary Cities Scandal

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Sanctuary Cities a.k.a. Treason Towns have become an unavoidable crisis. The just-released U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Fiscal Year 2019 Enforcement and Removal Operations Report shows that ICE deported 267,258 illegals and issued 165,487 “detainers” (requests that local authorities hold illegals in jail until ICE can deport, them). But, increasingly, Democrat local officials are refusing to honor detainers and releasing the illegals (or, as I prefer to call them, undocumented Democrats) into the community. The Trump Administration can and must crush this Deep State sabotage, as I have already argued in the case of rogue judges a.k.a. Kritarchs.

Weirdly, the ICE report does not give the exact total of detainers disregarded by Sanctuary Cities in Fiscal 2019, which ended on September 30. But there’s plenty of evidence that it’s still going on:.

These cases are only two of hundreds. ICE’s spot reports, issued at regular intervals, feature long lists of illegals for which it has issued detainers but which those localities ignored.

And this is a big problem. Consider these data:

  • Deportations numbered 267,258 illegals, more than 700 every day.
  • The Border Patrol caught most of them, some 181,000, while ICE collared the rest.
  • 91 percent of them were convicts or criminal suspects
  • ICE arrested 143,099 illegals for so-called “administrative” violations; that is, those connected to an immigration violation as opposed to another crime.
  • Of those, 86 percent, or about 123,000, were also convicted criminals or criminal suspects. Total charges or convictions for that group was 489,063, including:
  • 1,923 homicides;
  • 1,833 kidnappings;
  • 11,711 sex crimes;
  • 67,730 drug crimes; and
  • 74,523 DUIs.

Yet those data, which show that attempting to deport illegal aliens without building a wall is like bailing out a rowboat without plugging the hole in the bottom, aren’t nearly as frightening as the data on detainers:

ICE issued 165,487 detainers for illegals who committed or were suspected of committing more than:



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