ICUs under strain as NYC’s new coronavirus patients are sicker than ever

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Coronavirus patients arriving at New York City’s hospitals are increasingly already very sick with the deadly disease — and are pushing intensive care units to their limits or even beyond, The Post has learned.

Councilman Francisco Moya (D-Queens), whose district covers hard-hit Elmhurst Hospital, said the emergency room there “has kind of stabilized since we saw that big tidal wave” but noted that “they’re at capacity in the ICU.”

“So what it’s saying is that the people who are coming in are coming in at critical stages,” said Moya, who formerly worked as the hospital’s director of business development.

“The ICU is now the place where they still have a challenge there.”

A nurse at Manhattan’s Mount Sinai Hospital likewise said that while it’s no longer “so insane in the emergency department,” the ICU was “actually where the crazy s–t is happening.”

“When we take patients up there, it’s insane,” the nurse said.



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