I’d Like to Point Something Out about the McMichael Trial (the Ahmaud Arbery case)

by Chris Black

Months before the case blew up in the mainstream media in May 2020, all the local authorities had concluded the McMichaels did nothing wrong. They were likely going to continue their lives as normal.

The only reason the case ended up going viral is because another White man involved with pursuing Arbery, William Bryan, decided to share his video of the incident with the press.

 His justification for doing it was to “clear the air”. 

Once the press had this video, they forwarded it to every social justice activist on social media, who proceeded to call it a “lynching” and make it go viral. 

They completely lied about and exaggerated huge parts of the story, but as we know, journalists face no accountability for these kind of lies. Shortly afterwards, due to the stirred up political pressure, Bryan & the McMichaels were all arrested. 

So much for “clearing the air”.

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My only real point here is please don’t have the kind of ridiculous naivety that Bryan had. 

He screwed over himself and his allies – for what? There are times to speak, and there are times to keep your mouth shut.

They’re up against both a state and then a federal case. That said, the black crime wave that has engulfed America has at this point affected everyone in some shape or form. 


I don’t think there will be any rioting if Rittenhouse wins because none of the people he shot were black, which doesn’t inflame either blacks or white leftists. 

In Charlottesville, you will see some commotion and possibly violent rallies from the anarchists, but still not what you’d expect. 

In the Ahmaud Arbery situation however, you could see real violence break out if the defendants are acquitted.


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