If Central Bank economics doesn’t make your eyes glaze over, this VIDEO explains the CB plan now underway to push inflation, install cashless system, take your principal

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Lynette discusses how the Fed has been unable to hit their 2% inflation target, but she says, “The Fed is getting prepared because they expect to lose control of inflation soon.” The Fed plans to quietly introduce a cashless system with an 18 step plan early in 2021. This new system will enable the Fed to deposit money directly and will give them absolute control of their policies. This coming UBI stimulus scheme will be the fuel that starts hyperinflation fire since we are a consumer-driven economy; they have to get us to consume.

This pandemic crisis is very convenient for central bankers as it provides an excuse for all the systemic problems. The data shows that this is a lie since numerous indicators were foretelling a recession. The fiat monetary system today is a con game.

A reset of the financial system is coming, but quite likely, only sovereign debts will be forgiven, not individuals. We should be prepared for the worst-case since, during resets, currencies usually get adjusted several times before the process is over. Those countries with gold (ie, not Canada) will be in a much better position during a financial reset.

Gold is severely undervalued today and heavily leveraged in paper equivalents on exchanges like the Comex. Futures traders are now standing for delivery, and these exchanges are running out. When they no longer have the physical gold, we will see fireworks.

Time Stamp References:
0:40 – Thoughts on the Fed annoucement.
2:45 – Moving to a cashless system.
15:00 – Blame it on the pandemic.
21:25 – Fiat by decree and inflation.
25:20 – Currency reset predictions.
32:40 – Why Canada will be in trouble.
40:30 – Money velocity and savings.
41:50 – Revaluing currency against gold.
46:10 – ITM Trading.


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