If Facebook can now automatically pre-censor Tide Pod videos and articles as "spam", makes you wonder how easily they censor literally anything else.

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via reddit:
Here are just 5 examples of what Facebook is censoring today, including respected news sites, the world’s favorite satire site, a video from College Humor, other alt-news sites, and even fucking Tide.com.
My concern is what ELSE this algorithm is used for beyond protecting us from ourselves and our lust for Tide Pods.
Here’s my 5 different censored sources so far:
This started when some friends and I were talking about the whole Tide Pod Challenge craze happening, and wondering if there was a potential conspiracy afoot of Proctor & Gamble possibly sponsoring some kind of guerrilla marketing campaign by secretly funding some of these videos, so we started researching, and I simply tried to post links to my friends to show them the history of the Tide Pod Challenge, and now I am fully blocked from posting any links, because FB thinks I am a spammer for doing nothing more than conversing about a current and controversial topic. This is more than censorship. This is how they will shape your history across the board, and you’ll never see any of it, because it’s all spam and fake news to the AI scrubbing these “dangerous” ideas from our existence.

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