If Global Warming Is Supposed To Cause More Hurricanes, WHERE ARE THEY?

by Natura Naturans

In fact we are at a record low in hurricanes, and the sea surface temperatures in both the Pacific and Atlantic are average. and it takes HEAT for hurricanes, SO WHERE DID ALL THAT GLOBAL WARMING HEAT GO?

Yesterday at WeatherBELL Analytics Saturday Summary video, 40-year veteran meteorologist Joe Bastardi focused on global tropical storm activity.

Western Pacific typhoon activity near record low

On the western Pacific front, Bastardi says: “Normally this time of the year we’ve had 5 typhoons; this year we’ve only had one. And since March first this has been an almost record breaking low activity in the western Pacific.”

Quieter than normal August outlook for hurricanes

Looking at the Atlantic hurricane zones, here we see natural factors at work hampering hurricane development. One of them is dust blowing off the horn of Africa. Here Bastardi believes this area will remain quiet through most of August.


You would think that if the global warming fraudsters were right about global warming causing more hurricanes, that there would be an increase since 1971. NO INCREASE IN GLOBAL HURRICANES SINCE 1971!





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