If Government Is Corrupt, Can A Good President Leading By Example, Really Turn That Government Around?

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by Pamela Williams
As we approach President-elect Trump’s Inauguration Day, I have been observing as he is trying to drain the Washington swamp. He is fighting an uphill battle thus far. Most of us know that Government…not just the Government of the United States, but Government in general tends to become a swamp. That swamp is rarely drained as Presidents themselves are corrupt. It seems everyone is bought off, and their main goal is to serve themselves…not the people. The people struggle to survive while Presidents seem untouched by the suffering around them.
President-elect Trump seems different, as he is a successful businessman, who is not seeking Government perks . He certainly seems to be a good man, who truly wants to bring accountability to corrupt Government. He has cut his business ties, and in an unusual move, he is depositing profits to the Treasury Department. I don’t have to tell you this is unprecedented. We have reason to believe Trump may bring justice to this Country by setting an example for Government.
What if you’re living in Germany in the 1930’s when Adolph Hitler came to power? You watch with growing horror as he begins systematically exterminating the Jews. Some of your Jewish neighbors, who were good friends, are herded off to the death camps, never to be seen alive again. Then you hear about a plot to assassinate Hitler and you’re invited to join the conspiracy. If Hitler could be killed, it could conceivably save the lives of millions of Jews. But you’re aware of Romans 13, which commands you to be subject to the governing authorities. What should you do?
Unfortunately there is no easy answer concerning the Government’s relationship with its citizens. God has ordained various spheres of authority for the blessing and protection of those under authority: the government, the local church, the family, and employment. Due to sin, those in authority are often prone to misuse their authority for their own benefit, not for the benefit of those under their authority. That is what the citizens of today are facing, and it is not a new reality for it has always been that way.
The government is meant to be God’s minister to inflict punishment on those who do evil, and citizens must be in subjection to the government. But this raises the questions, “What about civil disobedience against corrupt governments or bad laws? What about armed rebellion against evil, tyrannical governments?”
Here is the age old dilemma for the citizens under their government, and that is why our founding fathers created the Constitution. Armed revolution is justified … only if the state has become totally opposed to the purpose for which God ordained it, and if there is no other recourse available to prevent massive evil. Obviously, this involves a judgment call.
The general principle is that since God has ordained government authority, we must be subject to it. The purpose for government is to protect law-abiding citizens and punish law-breakers. That is what God ordained as government’s job. I wonder what God expects of the citizens when government becomes the law breakers? Is a revolution in order, or do citizens of a corrupt government work through the democratic process, maintain peace, practice patience, and use the election process to bring new life to the government?
This current time in history, the people stayed the path, prayed, and worked to get a new type of man into the White House. With President-elect Trump winning the Election, we the people watch as he walks his talk. He has started to roll back big government, allowing freedom in health care, less control of government agencies over businesses. Bill H.R.5 Accountability Act will give more control to business community and less to government agencies enabling more jobs.

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Published on Jan 12, 2017

Sub for more: nnn.is/the_new_media | Paris Swade for Liberty Writers reports, Donald Trump is on fire! He just fired himself from all of his companies today. The Liberal media can’t try and smear him because of it anymore. In typical Trump fashion, Trump fired himself from his companies. Look what Trump did today. Trump’s lawyer announced today that Trump “would donate all of his hotel profits from foreign interests to the treasury of the U.S.”


10 thoughts on “If Government Is Corrupt, Can A Good President Leading By Example, Really Turn That Government Around?

  1. “You watch with growing horror as he [Hitler – a great man btw] begins systematically exterminating the Jews. Some of your Jewish neighbors, who were good friends, are herded off to the death camps, never to be seen alive again”
    Death camps for jews HAHAHAHAHA – good one – are you referring to the HOLOHOAX? MORON. Talk about REAL history like the Rhine Meadows or Hellstorm murder and terror by the jew bolshevics and the eisenhower scum.

    • Well practically there were not death camps in Germany, it was more like deadly labor camps and in order to get things done the authorities sorted the weak, the children out and exterminated them.

      • There are many pictures of the starving Jews in the labor camps. What is rarely covered is that they were starving because Alied forces bombed the rail lines that brought food to them. The Germans killed may Jews, but the Alied forced also killed many Jews.

  2. Germany had only one Adolf Hitler – who in fact was an Austrian born imbecile. America had many Hitlers. America is not a Republic, Democracy it is a dictatorial serfdom plutocracy – created on stolen land and with the sweat of the slaves.

      • I used Salvation Army as an example and they are certainly more credible than scams like Red Cross.And there are none less credible than the fraudsters in DC.You WAKE UP!

        • red cross + salvation army + 99.99 of 501 “non profits” [ run by jewscum] + ALL of dc [district of criminals] is 100% corrrupt. agree.

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