If it Doesn’t fit the Narrative, It will not Make the “News”: Madden NFL Killer David Katz Was Member of the Anti-Trump “Resistance” and a Certified Nut

by Chris Black

I know it’s not “kosher” to cover obsessively mass shootings. This is a no-no procedure, according to some folks, because this works as an incentive of sorts for future losers and/or crazies who’ve never accomplished anything in their lives, to follow the rock-star-mass-shooter path of glory. Basically, mass-shooters are just psychopathic narcissists looking for their 5 minutes of fame by any means necessary (where did I read that recently?), or at least that’s one theory.


But, here’s what the mainstream fake-news media fails to cover in regard to the latest mass shooting, which took place yesterday at Jacksonville Landing in Florida, leaving 3 dead and 11 injured. The “alleged” shooter David Katz was a member of the anti Trump resistance and on his Reddit page he referred to Trump supporters with the funny appellative “Trumptards”. His Reddit page is filled with anti Trump stuff. Just take a look.




This garbage was written on the Pro-Donald Trump r/The_Donald subreddit under the name “ravenchamps by Katz last year. I seriously doubt that the Democrats and the leftist MSM will ever disavow this Katz dude, who called Trump supporters mentally challenged/retards, then he went and killed a bunch of kids just because he was a sore loser. Obviously, the shooting happened in a gun-free zone, as usual. And nobody’s reporting on that. As usual.

After spending all  week saying that deaths should never be politicized (the illegal alien/murdered chick extravaganza), the left went on to capitalize on Katz’s mass shooting to push their gun control agenda. In like, 2 seconds after the shooting. As expected actually:



Another fun factoid is that Katz was Jewish. Question: why is the MSM  calling this shooter a white man? Jews are white only when it reflects badly on the white race, or so it appears.

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Wanna bet this story will be dead and buried in three days tops? And speaking of fun and loony tunes, it was revealed that David Katz had a history of mental illness, as in he was institutionalized previously. Yes, for being a crazed nut. And yes, as it’s the case with most mass-shooters, he was on a cool-diet of mass-murder-pills, also known as anti depressant/anti psychotic medications, as per a report from Fox News:


“Divorce filings from the parents of 24-year-old David Katz of Baltimore showed that as a teenager he was hospitalized twice in psychiatric facilities and was prescribed anti-psychotic and anti-depressant medications, the AP reported Monday.”

Imagine my shock: a withdrawn nerdy leftist kid on psycho-meds goes and shoots up a video-game party.  The common thread in a lot of these shootings, going back to Columbine, is the prescribed drugs these kids are on. This is never brought to the forefront, it is always the NRA’s fault, or guns are to blame, or similar idiotic stuff. Maybe they should start looking at the drugs they are on, and the ones prescribing those medications, but , I don’t think it’s going to happen.

Also, the MSM will never tell you about the connection between psycho-drugs and mass shootings. Why? Well, maybe because Big Pharma spends like 2.4 billion dollars/year in advertising via MSM outlets (Fox, CNN, WaPo and the like). Just a conspiracy theory here, no biggie.

Katz is a mirror image of Adam Lanza, down to the parental discord. It is well known that a small percentage of people using these psychotropic and anti-psychotic drugs become suicidal or homicidal. They have to be regularly monitored. I don’t understand how Katz was able to travel around, apparently alone, to unknown areas and to participate in high stress semi-violent gaming competitions. It is almost like he was set up to explode and the only unknowns were where and when. He ended his life in a homicidal and suicidal rage – terrible all around.

Since this is clearly another mentally ill liberal shooter on psycho-meds, and on top of that Jewish, this story will vanish from the headlines very, very quickly. Mark my words. And nothing will change. Until the next mass shooting. When I will write  another eerily similar article. And nothing will change. Until…


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