If Joe Biden Were Poor, He Wouldn’t Have Enriched Himself By Sahdy Means. Which We Know He And His Family Have…

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Heartless People Are Attacking “Poor Joe Biden”.  Ie. The problem is precisely that none of these democrats are poor after a few years in office.

There seems to be a new spin on the Ukraine controversy surrounding Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. Reporters and talk show hosts are coming to the defense of the 2020 Presidential hopeful and asking viewers to stop being heartless and attacking “poor Joe” and his family.

Hunter Biden has come under quite a bit of scrutiny over the past few days:

The View‘s Joy Behar came to the Biden family’s defense yesterday morning:

Don’t you think politically it’s dumb for the Republicans to go after Joe Biden’s son when he lost a son and daughter and wife?” I mean, people feel sorry for Joe! And it’s not him. He didn’t do a thing. Basically it boils down to nepotism and Trump’s got his whole family working in the White House! If you want to talk about nepotism!”-Joy Behar

Mazie Hirono:

(Trump) he’s going after Joe and his family for political purposes and I’ll stand with Joe against any president who acts that way.”-Mazie Hirono

MSNBC’s Chris Jansing:

(To Rick Tyler): Could this help Joe Biden? I thought the picture, for example, they put out there of him watching his only remaining child, living child being trashed, frankly by the President of the United States, can be effective, in addition to being true.”-Chris Jansing

Democrats have rallied together to “Stand with Joe”. Has the Biden family seen their share of tragedy? Sure. But what family on earth has not? Let’s give a quick debriefing on Hunter Biden, shall we?

Hunter Biden. The man who got sprung from the Navy due to a nasty, little cocaine habit. Once Vice President of MBNA bank, one of Joe Biden’s largest campaign donors. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Hunter Biden, of the private-equity firm, Rosemont Seneca partners, where he established business connectionswith Russian and China. Hunter Biden, the man who had an affair with his brother’s widow and went out on crack-induced benders. Trump did not need to cast any scandal on Hunter Biden or Joe Biden. The Bidens walked into all of this dysfunction on their own.

HMM: Ukraine Holds More Surprises for Biden. “He’ll face questions about a lot more than what Trump has already brought up.”

Firtash, who got rich playing middleman between Russian and Ukrainian energy companies, has long been fighting extradition to the U.S. from Austria. He’s wanted for allegedly bribing Indian officials more than a decade ago, but he could be valuable in other ways: He was once close to now-deposed Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, and therefore might know about the Ukrainian activities of Paul Manafort, Trump’s disgraced former campaign chairman.

Earlier this year, on the verge of being sent to America, Firtash retained a duo of Trump-connected American lawyers and presented a Vienna court with a wealth of documents that he says prove that the extradition request was actually politically motivated. Among those documents is an affidavit from former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, who testified that Biden “directly manipulated the political leadership of Ukraine on false pretexts” to prevent Firtash from leaving Austria for Ukraine – where, as a Ukrainian citizen, he couldn’t be extradited.

This is the same Shokin whom Biden has boasted of getting fired by threatening to withhold a $1 billion loan guarantee. The former prosecutor has since said that Biden — then the U.S. vice president — did it to thwart a Ukrainian investigation into Burisma, a natural gas company where his son Hunter was a well-paid board member. Although the claim is probably false, Trump has picked it up and pressured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to investigate, sparking a separate scandal about the current U.S. president’s use of his office to dig up dirt on a potential election rival.

Expect the Trump team to try to show that Biden abused his power by coercing Ukrainian authorities into helping him get a prospective Russiagate witness to the U.S. If Firtash works with Trump’s people, he can also provide a steady supply of testimony and documents suggesting that Obama administration officials, including Biden, actively meddled in Ukraine’s domestic politics after 2014. Whether or not they had corrupt motives in doing so is almost irrelevant — conservative conspiracy theorists will take it from there.

It hardly takes a conspiracy theorist to see something fishy in the Bidens’ Ukraine and China connections.

BUT THAT WOULD BE AN OUTRAGE, BECAUSE SHUT UP: Ukraine must investigate Joe Biden’s son, says ex-Ukrainian PM.


HE’S EASILY BOUGHT? Why China thinks it’s got a future President Biden in its pocket.



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