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COVID-19 Cases Decline in States Ending Their Lockdowns.

We were told that states ending their lockdowns and freeing the people were going to see widespread infections and increased deaths. We were told that bringing quarantines to an end would bring doom.

We were told wrong.

According to a graph by Axios, states ending the lockdown have either stalled in COVID-19 case numbers or are beginning a decline. This includes Georgia and Florida, which according to Axios are seeing double-digit declines.

“Florida’s new cases have actually declined by 14% compared to the previous week, and Georgia’s fell by 12%,” reported Axios.

Factors that increase reported COVID-19 rates also correlate with the amount of testing done, so even with rising cases in various states, alarm bells still may not be going off, especially since with each new confirmed case and subsequent recovery, the fatality rate drops like a rock. As of this writing, the U.S. fatality rate for COVID-19 is between 0.5 and 1.0 percent.

We should take note here. The lockdowns are currently still in place in many states. According to the latest data, this is currently a useless gesture, and while rates a declining in states that are continuing lockdowns, these states may well be worse off in the long run due to economic collapse. Los Angeles has announced that it may well keep its lockdown in place well into July. Nevada has every intention of continuing its lockdown into June.

If Florida and Georgia are any indications, then both states are killing their economies and destroying livelihoods in order to hide from a monster that isn’t there. Florida governor Ron DeSantis seems to agree that the hype is overblown.




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