If the FBI Can Raid the Office of the President’s Attorney Are We Still a Constitutional Republic? Is the raid on Trump’s lawyer related to the push for war with Russia over another “chemical attack”?

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This is So beyond the pale! This HAS to STOP! Fire Sessions, Rosenstien & Mueller. This is NOT the way that justice is supposed to happen in this country! The establishment is pissed that the people didn’t vote the way they wanted it, so now they are abusing the authority of the fbi and the justice department to overturn the results of an election they didn’t like. This should be treated for what it is, it is an attempted “coup”! Everyone involved in this coup attempt needs to be identified and prosecuted.

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Today we debate whether the unconscionable decision by Robert Mueller to commission the seizure of privileged communications between President Trump and his lawyer Michael Cohen is related to the neocon roar for war with Russia over the alleged chemical attack in Syria.

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