If the only reason you pay for Amazon Prime is because of 2-day shipping, there is a good chance it’s a smarter financial move for you to cancel it than continue.

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by 83wonder

Amazon Prime shipping

I’ve paid for prime since it was available, and lately I’ve noticed it’s gotten increasingly worse with shipping.

FYI – Prime doesn’t mean you will get an item in 2 days, it means you should get the item 2 days after it ships, and there will often be multiple days between order and ship date meaning a $119 prime membership often gets items delivered to your door 3-5 business days or more after you order.

Edit: They also no longer offer a 1 month prime extension for shipping errors

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  • You place 24 orders on Amazon prime over the course of a year
  • 4 of those orders arrive over 2 days after you place them online due to multiple days “processing” or shipping errors (for me it has been much worse than this)
  • That effectively means you paid $5.95/order for 2 day shipping

Look at how often you purchase, how quickly items are delivered, and decide if that’s worth paying $119 for. If you only have it for the 2 day shipping there is a good chance it’s not, especially when you consider many other online retailers carry the same items and now ship free with Walmart (I know they’re the devil but it looks like Amazon might be too) even offering free 2 day shipping on many items without an extra membership fee.

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