“If the Pot Is Grown in California, Marketed in California, Sold in California and Consumed in California…that Is California’s Business and Not the Federal Government’s – CA, Congressman Tom McClintock

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Part of the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution – The federal government possesses only those powers delegated to it by the United States Constitution. All remaining powers are reserved for the states or the people.

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Sonora, CA — Congressman Tom McClintock spoke about issues up for debate in Washington, DC on this past weekend’s Mother Lode Views.
The District Four Republican gave a very glowing review of the Trump administration’s actions over the past year, speaking highly about the recently approved tax reform package and rolling back of environmental regulations. He stated, “You can see it everywhere you go….the announcements of bonuses and raises, companies planning new expansions and investments, and repatriated capitol coming back into the United States after being stranded offshore by our tax policies. These things are all enormously encouraging.”
McClintock expects the next big debate in Washington, DC to be over immigration. He stated, “We have to fix DACA (Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals). About half of these young people came to the country under the age of 14, so this is really the country they’ve known. They are now in the their twenties. But, we can’t fix that until we secure our borders, or we’re just inviting a new wave of illegals bringing their children.”
An area of disagreement McClintock has with the Trump Administration is US Attorney General Jeff Sessions recent memo making it more difficult for states like California to legalize marijuana for recreational use. He says the federal government has the Constitutional role of regulating intrastate commerce between other states, but not within a state like California. McClintock added, “If the pot is grown in California, marketed in California, sold in California and consumed in California…that is California’s business and not the federal government’s. I’ve been very disappointed that Jeff Sessions has not taken a more Constitutional approach to the issue.”

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5 thoughts on ““If the Pot Is Grown in California, Marketed in California, Sold in California and Consumed in California…that Is California’s Business and Not the Federal Government’s – CA, Congressman Tom McClintock”

  1. This is another egregious attempt to regulate intrastate commerce which the U.S. Constitution has not granted such power to the federal government. Please review this 1942 judicial case brief during Franklin Roosevelt’s administration (see: https://www.casebriefs.com/blog/law/constitutional-law/constitutional-law-keyed-to-chemerinsky/the-federal-legislative-power/wickard-v-filburn/ ).
    Wickard v. Filburn 317 U.S. 111, 63 S. Ct. 82, 87 L. Ed. 122 (1942)
    Mr. Filburn was a farmer in Ohio who grew wheat for his own use and did not sell it across State lines. The Supreme Court of the United States ruled that his small production of wheat “competed” with growers of wheat in other States and therefore falls under the federal Department of Agriculture’s authority to regulate interstate commerce.
    The growing and consuming of products whether wheat or marijuana within the boundaries of a sovereign State is part of States’ rights. The courts erred to please Roosevelt’s communist agenda to manage all production of consumption in a feeble attempt to end the economic depression in America.
    I hope my fellow Americans clearly see how corrupt the federal republic has become. There is no separation of powers between the congress, the president and the judiciary nor between the States the federal government and the people. We are a nation ruled by an oligarchy who take bribes (“campaign contributions”) from multinational corporations, banks and foreign government agents to preserve their power over us, the electorate.

  2. Sessions if a real dummy when it comes to laws. If one is within one’s Constitutional rights, as is CA, Co, etc, then Sessions is likely to think a crime is being committed especially if he disapproves of the activity, and concludes he feeling about it constitutes the law. However, if one breaks the law and there are mountains of evidence that one has done so, if Sessions thinks that is OK given who you are, like a politician, a politician’s lackey or government employee of a certain rank, that is OK, and the law is at best inconvenient and will not be investigated or enforced.
    Sessions is corrupt and a criminal, as well as a dummy. He needs to be removed, and if justice were to show up, be indicted and prosecuted for obstruction and dereliction of duty.


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