If they weren’t afraid that Trump might win again, they wouldn’t be doing this. So the goal is to ensure a majority of American voters can’t get what they want.

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“So the petty little fascists in the Democratic Party have decided that their first order of business is telling you who you are allowed to vote for in the future. You see, they know better than you. That first order of business was not $2,000 checks, and if you feel like a sucker you should. It wasn’t opening schools — turns out that’s not a priority for Joe Biden. No, It’s a sham impeachment instead.

There is little point in litigating whether Donald Trump “incited” crazy horn hat man and alt-right lunatics like Baked Alaska to storm the Capitol. He didn’t. Given politicians’ common use of “fight” metaphors and language and the information coming out showing that the riot was pre-planned and began while Trump was speaking, it’s absurd to suggest he did. By that standard, Democrats should be paying reparations to the business owners whose stores were looted on their commands for racial justice. So let’s just stop with all that.

It’s not clear that the Biden administration has noticed, but we are in the middle of a pandemic lockdown in much of the country that is crippling our livelihoods, depressing our kids, and generally making life a morose mess. And what is Biden’s answer? What is the great unifier doing? He’s sticking it to Trump voters and kissing the rear ends of teachers unions who are fabulous at everything except doing a day’s work to teach our kids.

You see, the most important thing right now, the greatest issue facing the nation, is impeaching a guy who isn’t even freaking president anymore. Everyone involved in this colossal waste of time and money is fully aware it is futile. Trump will not be convicted. Instead, some Democrats will just hypocritically pontificate for another several weeks while the work of the country doesn’t get dealt with.

This is a reason to be legitimately upset. We all naively believed that the year of our Lord 2021 could not possibly be stupider and more pointless than last year’s 365 days. Boy, a little off on that so far. So far since becoming president, Biden has passed a buffet of executive orders that do nothing for you or your life. All that money he promised you is, you know, in the works? I don’t know. But starting today we are impeaching Donald Trump.

Think about this. Really think about it. What are we even doing? We are impeaching a president who just lost reelection. Like, that wasn’t enough? He lost. Delaware Joe is ensconced in the White House killing jobs and inviting a border crisis. The good people won. The scourge of Trump is over, but they just can’t quit him. It’s almost as though the Democrats and their sycophantic allies in the media don’t know what to do if they can’t keep tap, tap, Tappering away at the bad orange man.

This is unlimitedly the problem with picking the normal candidate. The normal candidate doesn’t care about you. The normal candidate knows better than you. The normal candidate will screw you over to appease the powers that put him there. You don’t matter; you are the ruled rubes, not the governed citizens. And so this sham impeachment comes to be.”

Related: Lawprof Eugene Kontorovich: Trump’s impeachment trial sets a troubling precedent. “The Constitution provides that the impeachment process is to be used to remove ‘all Civil officers of the United States’ — that is, people holding a government position. Yet in the case of Trump, the House is reading the Constitution as if it said the process applies to ‘all Civil officers of the United States, and people who aren’t civil officers, but once were.’ Exactly what it does not say. . . . It is important to emphasize what a massive departure from longstanding constitutional practice this week’s proceedings will be.”


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