If this hits NY or Chicago…. schools close overnight and everything shuts down. Fed will be powerless.. just like 08… didnt matter if they were cutting rates… nobody was going to buy an overpriced house.

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CDC Prepares for Virus to Become Pandemic, Businesses, Schools to Be Closed

The CDC pointed to China where schools and businesses have been closed to contain the outbreak, saying the U.S. may need to do the same.

Today’s Good Times Conceal Lurking Economic Troubles

The U.S. economy is locked in much the same pattern as before the recession — a cycle of boom and bust for ordinary Americans, with smoothly rising prosperity for those at the top. Breaking that cycle may require another economic crisis coupled with bolder leadership.

Mom and Pop Are On Epic Stock Buying Spree Fueled by Free Trades

Small investors are back. In a big way.Their fingerprints are on Apple Inc.’s staggering rally. They piled into Tesla Inc. as it tripled, and turned speculative fliers like Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc. into some of the most heavily traded shares in the country. Why the enthusiasm?



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