If you have to ask “is this a scam?”, it’s a scam.

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by time_wasting_student

Congratulations, you’re an intelligent being with intuition! You have an innate capacity to notice out of the ordinary occurrences, including when something is phishy or scammy.

  • Seemingly too good to be true?
  • Higher than reasonable wages offered?
  • Mega-killer deals?
  • Unexpected and out of character interest in you?


  • “Can’t talk on phone” for any reason?
  • Shady/suspicious communication?
  • Too much detail?


  • Situation doesn’t feel right (i.e. buying iTunes cards for the IRS)?
  • Unexpected contact initialized by email/phone call?
  • Something nagging at you but can’t tell what it is?


Point is, if you go with your gut, you’re less likely to get scammed. On the off chance it’s a legitimate opportunity, maybe you’ll miss out on a one-off, but overall it’s safer to promote a culture of caution. Especially if you aren’t financially stable or sure of your financial trajectory

Edit: Obviously there are exceptions to the rule. It’s not always a scam. Thanks, this post isn’t to preach to the choir, but rather as a reminder/lesson to the 14 million some-odd people who browse this sub. Most of whom do so for legitimate financial-related advice. I just hope more people can keep this notion in mind so that when they’re presented with a potential scam, they know instinctively how to act, as opposed to being carried about by every wind of opportunity


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