If this kind of thing can happen in Duluth it can happen anywhere.

Duluth Minnesota ‘all male’ nightclub to host Children’s Drag Queen Party

Duluth Minnesota? Its a town full of lumberjacks, dockworkers and iron miners. Tough manly men and women.

Now they have one of ‘those’ bars that will host a kiddie drag queen night, complete with kiddie cocktails.

According to an event page posted to Facebook, The Flame Nightclub Duluth is partnering with Duluth Superior Pride to host the drag show on Monday afternoon, Sept. 5.

Entry for each adult is just $5, and all children get in free.

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“Join us for this kid-friendly, sober, and exciting event. Princesses, villains, and many other characters are scheduled to perform,” the event description reads. “Refreshments and kiddie cocktails will be provided at no charge.”

They did this earlier this year on a smaller scale, yes they are ramping up the attacks on children.

Drag Queen Mama Dukes joined FOX 21’s Dan Hanger on the morning show Friday to talk about the Duluth Flame’s upcoming kid-friendly drag show this Sunday, May 15 from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m. It’s called Mama’s Toybox.

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