If this latest incident wasn’t a false flag attack, it would quite literally be the one exception to the rule.

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by axolotl_peyotl

The Powers that Shouldn’t Be have long ago cemented their tired and blatantly obvious playbook, as they continue to recycle their bullshit false flag attacks to justify their genocidal agenda decade after decade.

The once burgeoning anti-war movement in the US has been consumed by over-immersion in technology and a manufactured resistance against a reality tv show puppet POTUS.

Two ships with one stone:

Saudis get i) higher oil price ii) US to attack Iran


The incredible aspect of this farce is that most adults (who are pathetically childlike in so many ways) refuse to acknowledge that their government would lie to them today.

For some bizarre reason, many of these individuals don’t have difficulty accepting their governments lied to them in the past (ie Gulf of Tonkin), but when confronted with blatant propaganda today, their heads immediately plunge into the sand.

If the current administration starts another war then America has truly fallen.



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