‘If you don’t, I won’t forget it’: Trump’s threat to Bill Barr to charge Biden and Obama over spygate

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  • Trump said he was ‘going to have to get involved’ with the prosecution of Hillary Clinton for her email scandal 
  • He said he has spoken to Attorney General Bill Barr about the evidence in John Durham’s probe fo alleged FBI misconduct
  • ‘And I say, Bill, we’ve got plenty, you don’t need any more’ 
  • He said if Barr doesn’t indict people Trump identified as committing crimes, ‘I won’t forget it’ 
  • He said ‘that includes Obama and it includes Biden’ 
  • DOJ did not immediately respond for comment about Trump’s characterization of his conversations with the attorney general 

President Donald Trump said in a televised interview that he has spoken to Attorney General Bill Barr about the high-stakes Durham probe and received assurances the government has ‘plenty’ of evidence to bring charges against his main political rivals.

He made the extraordinary statement – which if accurate would be a breach of normal firewalls between prosecutors and the executive in a politically charged investigation – in an appearance on the Fox Business Network, where he also pronounced himself cured of the coronavirus.

The Justice Department did not immediately respond when asked to confirm the president’s characterization of his conversation with Barr.




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