If you don’t know about the history of central banking, then you don’t really know who controls the world. Here is a documentary on the entire history of central banking, money and how we got to this point.

by bbennett36

Most people fear things like “capitalism” and they think that’s why there is extreme income inequality, high COL, etc but it’s not from that. It’s all from central banking and fiat currencies. This is how we are all enslaved. The central bankers are the ones that really start almost all wars. A war is started to either bankrupt a country so they have to take huge loans from these bankers. If a country doesn’t conform and follow the central banking rules, they get invaded (Think Gadafi, Saddam, etc.). These are the people at the very top and they’ve had control for the past 500 years or so now.

All you have to do is look at the goal of the Federal Reserve – maximizing employment, stabilizing prices AKA complete slavery of mankind and controlling the economy and money supply.

Documentary made by Bill Still Youtube Channel

Other docs by him (I recommend watching all of them) –
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