If you take our guns away are criminals still keeping theirs? Law abiding citizens in this country are the first taxed and the first ones to have their rights taken away!

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You’re not gonna be able to go down here and take these guns from these criminals. So the criminals are still going to hold on to their guns, their still gonna have them. Their still gonna break in my house and their still gonna shoot me with ‘em. And guess whose gonna be the one that suffers? It’s gonna be me. Well I’m here to tell you tonight, it is not going to happen without a fight! And when I say fight, I don’t mean shots fired, I don’t mean fists thrown. I mean I’m going to come down here to this city council and raise hell, just like these loonies from the left do, until you listen to the majority of the people in this city. And I am the Majority! The Majority of the people in this city are law abiding! And they follow the law, and they want their constitutional rights to be able to Bear Arms! They want to be able to go to the gun show and buy a hunting rifle or sport rifle. There aren’t military grade weapons sold at the gun show! An AR15 is Not a military grade weapon! Anybody going into combat with an AR15 is a Fool! It’s a semi automatic 22 rifle. You’d be killed in 15 minutes in combat with that thing! See more in this link and the video where he speaks. steemit.com/gundebate/@artistiquejewels/if-you-take-our-guns-away-are-the-criminals-still-keeping-theirs-the-law-abiding-citizens-in-this-country-are-the-first-taxed #GunDebate, #GunControl, #GreatAmericanAwakening

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