If you’re bugging out, remember, you’re being tracked! Switzerland monitoring cell phone data to see if people are staying in.

if you’re planning on bugging out, or are trying to skirt a lockdown for whatever reason–maybe to bug out–keep in mind that you’re being tracked with your cell phone. i know we all know this already here, but it might be something you forget, as you head out. also, you might be relying on your cell for for comms with family, etc. so, just something to keep in mind.

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they are doing it here in switzerland right now, to decide if people are staying in and not in groups of more than 5. they say this will determine if they make more stringent measures.

article in english about this:

…phone data is being tracked to see if people are staying home and choosing not to congregate in groups. If the measures aren’t being followed, more extreme restrictions are set to be implemented…