If you’re new to ‘conspiracies’, this is what’s going on

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by Rickironhands


Firstly, everything is fake.

  • The economy is based on stock buybacks and manipulation. Fractional reserve banking has ensured that money is snapped into existence from thin air at the whims of the super rich.
  • Medicine is based off studies funded by the pharmaceutical industry which uses the results that are in line with their business agendas. There’s no money in cures and that industry has a functional cartel.
  • Democracy is fake, vested interests control who gets to be candidates and corporate money ensures that only those who tow the line get to play.
  • News isn’t really news, it’s propaganda and has been since the 60’s. It’s there to manipulate stock and elections by swaying public opinion.
  • Academic institutions only publish and support scientific research which agrees with established theories, most of which are based on incorrect premises, making them discussions on fan-fiction.

That’s just the basics.


  • All wars are instigated by bankers and industrialists. This goes back several hundred years.
  • The upper echelons of politics, finance, and entertainment are engaged in rampant paedophilia and human trafficking.
  • The entertainment industry uses Nazi-developed mind control techniques on the majority of celebrities.
  • The upper upper echelons of society are occultist who practice primarily black magic based on dominion and control. These are concentrated within secret societies, whose sphere of influence penetrates all areas of society.

That last point is where shit gets crazy.

  • Magic is real, your thoughts shape reality around you. What you focus on becomes more prevalent in your reality. You have the ultimate power over what you give power over yourself.
  • Aliens exists but they travel interdimensionally and some of them are what we would classify as ‘demons’. The upper upper echelons are in contact with these entities are they may actually be our hidden masters.
  • History is almost completely false. Atlantis, and before that Lemuria, existed. Human civilisation is not a linear progression, but cyclical.
  • On the note of cyclical systems, the Earth experiences cyclical cataclysms which completely rearrange the surface of the planet, killing 99% of all life.
  • The Earth is hollow or honeycombed and retreating to the inner part of the world is the most reliable way to survive cataclysm.
  • The planet is an energy farm and that energy is the concious attention of every living thing. The best time to harvest this energy is at the point of death, where attention is at peak intensity.

I haven’t provided any sources for two reasons; 1) You should really be looking into all of these things yourself, taking what others have to say as true and not thinking for ourselves is how we got in this mess in the first place. 2) These require in-depth study and an internet article consisting of four paragraphs isn’t enough to explain it.

Welcome to Earth.


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