If you’re paying for medications without insurance, try looking online or in person for a prescriptions saving card specific to your pharmacy. I always thought they were a scam, but I tried it today and my medication went from $140 to just $35!

by soowhatchathink

I was in a store the other day and I saw some “Prescription Savings” cards claiming you can save up to 80% on medications without insurance at certain pharmacies.

I’ve seen these before and I never paid attention to them because, really, how are you supposed to save 80% on medications just because you picked up a flimsy card with some cheesy adverts.

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Just today I went into the pharmacy to pick up my medicine. The lady rang it up to $140 for 1 bottle of generic medicine. I remembered about the cards so I asked the pharmacist about them, she said sometimes people can save some money.

So I googled online for a prescriptions savings card and I saw ads on Google for the same thing. I felt like I was getting scammed or getting a virus as I signed up to download a prescription savings card, but within a couple minutes I got an email with a code in it. I showed it to the pharmacist and she typed it in, then she told me it brought the medicine down to $35. I saved over $100!

TL;DR: Saw a cheesy prescriptions saving card at a store claiming I could save up to 80% on prescriptions without insurance. Later went to the pharmacy to get medicine without insurance, was going to cost $140. Remembered about card so googled online for the card, found a website that gave me a code, I gave the code to the pharmacist and it brought the medicine down to $35. Saved over $100!


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