IG Report Expected Before Thanksgiving, Contains Several Criminal Referrals, Including One for Comey

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The Department of Justice inspector general’s much anticipated report on alleged FISA abuse ahead of the 2016 election is expected to be released before Thanksgiving and will contain several criminal referrals, including one for former FBI Director James Comey, according to sources who spoke with investigative journalist Sara Carter.

DOJ IG Michael Horowitz’s report will lead to the declassification of documents long requested by senior Republican lawmakers, Carter reported. Included among these documents will be certain email chain between the anti-Trump FBI investigators in the Russia probe and Comey.

Those documents will contain several classified pages of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act on former Trump campaign advisor Carter Page, exculpatory evidence that was withheld from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, the so-called ‘Gang of Eight’ folder (which contained exculpatory information), as well as the email chain between FBI investigators in the Russia probe and then-FBI Director James Comey. Those emails also include discussions with lawyers in the DOJ’s national security division. As previously reported, the email chains will contain information that prove the FBI knew prior to obtaining a warrant to spy on Page that former British spy Christopher Steele’s information in his infamous dossier on Trump could not be proven.

It is also expected to reveal that the FBI knew that Steele was leaking to the media but then used those media reports as separate evidence in their request for a FISA warrant, known as circular intelligence reporting. Circular reporting is when a law enforcement official uses false confirmation by making a piece of information appear to come from multiple independent sources.

According to Carter, Horowitz’s report will also show that the FBI handled the Hillary Clinton campaign differently than President Trump’s campaign. For instance, it will reportedly reveal that “she had received a detailed debriefing from the FBI on foreign attempts to make contact with her campaign,” while Trump received no such debriefing.

Republicans pols like Sen. Lindsey Graham have been saying for months that the IG report will be “damning” and will likely contain criminal referrals for former FBI officials.

Carter’s sources concurred, saying the report will have at least two criminal referrals, one of which is expected to be Comey.

Those referrals allegedly will be made based on information and evidence obtained by the Inspector General and may very well have been the reason Justice Department Attorney General Barr and Connecticut prosecutor John Durham opened a criminal probe into the FBI’s investigation into the President.

Some information has already been made public. In a recent interview with Fox New’s Martha McCallum Sen. Lindsey Graham, who has spoken with Barr, said “I think his report is going to be stunning. I think it is going to be damning. I think it’s going to prove that the system got off the rails and we need corrective action.”





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