Illegal Alien from Guatemala Kills 2 Law Enforcement Officers in Traffic Accident, Gets Away with $280 Fine

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by Chris Black

This is not the Onion, unfortunately, but a real piece of life, or lack thereof, if we’re talking about the victims. The story goes something like this: an illegal alien from Guatemala, who should have been deported at least three years ago (more on that in a jiffy), killed 2 law enforcement officers in a traffic accident last December, in 2017 respectively. As per a story from WaPo, we learned that the case was closed and settled at the end of June 2018, last month that is. The illegal alien, namely Roberto Garza Palacios, was fined $280 for driving in a careless and imprudent manner.

And that was it: no jail time, no nothing, as the judge said the defendant did not show a “reckless disregard for human life”, nor he reached the level of a “gross deviation” from careful driving, whatever that means. Both of these legalese terms would have been necessary for slapping more serious charges on Roberto apparently. So, because the prosecution only managed to prove that Roberto Garza Palacios was careless and imprudent, which was obvious considering the fact he killed two law enforcement officers with his car, this guy skated with a $280 fine.

The incident took place on December 8th last year, when an FBI agent (Carlos Wolff), who by the way was a LEGAL immigrant from Venezuela (so, it is clearly possible to immigrate legally into the US and make a life and a career for yourself, even in law enforcement ) hit the concrete median on I-270 in Maryland, as he was engaged in a no-no procedure: texting and driving. An arson investigator, Sander Cohen, stopped his car and tried to help him. While the 2 law enforcement officers were standing on the side of the road, Roberto Garza Palacios hit them with his car, projecting them into the traffic over the median. Obviously, they were killed instantly.

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The Guatemalan illegal alien is now facing deportation, after being taken into custody by ICE on May 3, for overstaying his work visa. As a fun factoid, he should’ve got back to Guatemala in 2009, but what do you know…  Wait, it gets even better: in 2015, Roberto pleaded guilty for guess what: driving while impaired ( read drunk as a skunk), i.e. he was arrested for a DUI and driving without a license, yet he wasn’t deported for overstaying his work visa, not to mention the fact that he actually served jail time (4 months in 2015) for lighting a couch on fire and destroying property while intoxicated (he smashed the windows of more than 12 cars). If Barack Obama’s administration would’ve deported his illegal drunk ass, the two law enforcement officers would be alive and kicking today. But you can’t do that, because muh feelings and baby Jesus and all that liberal palaver. This creep should’ve been deported long ago, and this case is an insult to every legal immigrant who has followed the rules.

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Any officials that have allowed him to overstay his work-visa and ultimately allowed this tragedy to happen should be charged with aiding and assisting a criminal. This man was empowered to take the lives of two Americans on American soil because of liberal-activist judges. He shouldn’t have been here in the first place, and he never should have gotten as many chances as he did. What should be the punishment for federal government employees failing to enforce the law of the land?  What do you think would’ve happened if an American citizen killed two police officers due to drunk driving? Would he/she have gotten off with a $280 fine?


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