Illegal Immigrant DREAMERS Being Given Special Education Privileges Purposely Created By The Elites Governing This Country. The US Is Now An Illegal Immigrant Safe Haven.

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by Ruby Henley
I resent that illegal immigrant youth protected by DACA are purposely being welcomed in the United States and educated by the elites.  Bill and Melinda Gates support this effort, as do countless elites in this Country.  We know Obama is leading this effort, but George Bush is a part of this program, also.  You have to ascertain after analyzing the following information that what I am saying is true.  Not all these immigrants are Dreamers, but they are immigrants.
They come to the US from foreign countries and are given special privileges, prepped by the educators to take part in government politics.  Of course, you are speaking of supporters of Obama and of DACA.  However one cannot blame these students, as it is our government, who is sponsoring this seemingly intentional import of Dreamers.
President Trump is being pushed to make a decision to end the DACA program by September 5, 2017…that is today!  Trump has declared the sovereignty of the United States as priority in his MAGA agenda. However, I realize after reviewing this material, there is seemingly no way this will be allowed to happen.  He will not be able to break through this illegal immigrant wall of the elites.  
Obama has already stated he will fight Trump to protect the Dreamers.  We must remember Congress has supported the Dreamer agenda.  I will be presenting evidence to support my claims.  I will list links, however, I will not be listing names of these Dreamers.
I do not want to refer to a special high school called the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, which, in my opinion, has the intent of educating these illegal immigrants.  It is being sponsored by Princeton, and we all know Princeton is an elite institution. QUOTE:
XXXX is the only one of four siblings born in Mexico, and that was by design. He says his father wanted him to be a mariachi and “an authentic Mexican,” so he took the family back south of the border in time for his middle son’s arrival. But when they returned permanently to California in 2002, Sergio also became an authentic undocumented at age 9. XXXX,  son of a seamstress, got a certificate and a letter signed by then President George W. Bush.
This fall, XXXX starts his senior year at Pomona College, one of a growing group of immigrant students successfully pursuing degrees and openly taking advantage of enrichment opportunities the campus has to offer. He just completed a semester of study abroad in Germany, and this summer he’s at Princeton University’s prestigious Woodrow Wilson School, doing a fellowship in public policy and international affairs, with future plans to become an immigration lawyer,  END OF QUOTE
Please note that this DREAMER was born in Mexico by design!  But yet he was allowed entry into the US and became an authentic undocumented immigrant at age 9! QUOTE:
As public support for the DREAM Act continues to mount in the build up to a Senate vote, the academic community is stepping forward on behalf of undocumented youth who call America home. Today, noted immigration scholars from Princeton, the University of North Carolina, NYU, UC-Irvine, and the University of Washington banded together to discuss why punishing the children of undocumented immigrants is a bad idea and why NOT passing the DREAM Act would prevent undocumented youth from giving back to the American economy. Today’s discussion follows the release of a letter signed by nearly 300 scholars from the around the U.S. urging Congress to pass the DREAM Act. To date, at least 29 higher educations associations including U.S. Students Association (USSA) and the College Board and presidents and chancellors from more than 73 colleges and universities have publicly endorsed the bill.
Doug Massey, Henry G. Bryant Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, pointed out that passing the DREAM Act is not only the smart thing to do, but the moral thing. END OF QUOTE
Please note that the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs is mentioned again, as an elite school sponsored by Princeton. This school is very much in cooperation and support of DACA.
I want to refer to a previous article before I list the next link. QUOTE:  They are Ylli and Ylber Bajraktari, Albanian-Kosovan brothers, who were high-ranking officials in the Obama administration.  What positions did they hold?
As an Obama recruit, Ylber was deputy chief of staff to Secretary of Defense Carter.  He played a pivotal role in developing the Obama administration’s foreign policy on Iran and Iraq. He also worked on the administration’s highly controversial nuclear deal with the Tehran regime. Are you shocked yet?
Ylli was special assistant to the Obama Pentagon’s deputy secretary, Robert Work.  Now this is the chilling part of this story…his job was to dutifully insure that the top Obama officials’ visions were completed. If this does not alarm you, it should.  Why are so many powerful foreign entities being brought in to fill high-level positions in our government? Ask yourself that question.   END OF QUOTE  QUOTE:
Motivated individuals who want a fast track to executive careers within the Defense Department or at other federal agencies might investigate the Presidential Fellows Management Program.
The PFM program’s purpose “is to attract to the federal service outstanding men and women from a variety of academic disciplines and career paths who have a clear interest in, and commitment to, excellence in the leadership and management of public policies and programs,” President Bush said in a statement on the Office of Personnel Management’s Web site explaining the program.
The program was created by Executive Order in 1977, when it was known as the Presidential Management Internship program. The program’s name was changed a few years ago.
Bajraktari, 30, obtained his graduate degree at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. A member of the PFM program’s class of 2006, he served in Baghdad from February 2007 to February 2008 on the staff of then Multi-National Force – Iraq commander Army Gen. David H. Petraeus.
“I cannot say enough good things about the program,” said the Kosovo-born Bajraktari, who became a U.S. citizen in 2004. The program, he said, offers challenging assignments, as well as plentiful training opportunities.
Bajraktari was a member of a 20-person joint strategic assessment team during his duty tour in Baghdad. The team, he said, studied how military, economic, political and diplomatic assets could be best employed to effect stability in and around Baghdad during the surge.END OF QUOTE
NOTE the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs was used here to educate an immigrant; however, he appears to be a legal immigrant.  However, now he is holding a high-ranking position in our Defense Department. I think this is a pattern.  This Country is now a safe haven for those from foreign countries educated and given elite positions by our own government.
I further believe that if President Trump were to end the DACA program today, he would most likely be exterminated.  I predict you will see that he lets the program continue, as he has no choice.  It is apparent this Country has been successfully contained by the elites as a safe haven for imported illegal immigrants,  In most cases, you will find they are praised as UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS AND PROTECTED BY DACA.
I hate to say it, but actual native American citizens are second priority in this Country, and I do not see any turning back at this point.  President Trump has pledged to try to put Americans first, but I think he is fighting a losing battle.  However, President Trump is an extraordinary man, who could prove me wrong.  I know he is giving it all he has to make America great again for Americans.
But the bottom line is I think he came in as President a little too late to stop DACA.

President Trump is expected to announce his decision next week on whether to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which offers protection for those who were brought to the U.S. as children. Leezia Dhalla, a DACA recipient, joins CBSN to discuss.

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21 thoughts on “Illegal Immigrant DREAMERS Being Given Special Education Privileges Purposely Created By The Elites Governing This Country. The US Is Now An Illegal Immigrant Safe Haven.

          • America is being manipulated by the Communists with all the illegal alien pretend laws. Just another way to bleed us dry of our OWN children in favor of another country’s children. Bozo’s illegal EO for starters. He knew exactly what this would entail for American Kids being shoved into the corner and he relished the thought!!!!

      • NO! But here is something no talks about, A COLLEGE EDUCATION IS FREE TO MEXICANS IN MEXICO!
        This is sorta like we catch hell for wanting a border fence while NO ONE EVER mentions the fact that Mexico has a border fence on its southern border!!!!!!

        • Exactly, plus amuncat, the fact that in the one case the boy was boy was taken back into Mexico to be born. Then they brought him back into the US. He was praised at having been a undocumented 9 year old. As he was given his education, he was actually sent abroad to study in Germany. Now he is studying to be an immigration attorney. If his parents wanted him to be born in Mexico, this is an intentional act that I think should be considered some type violation. I just do not understand it.

  1. I thought it a master move on Trump’s part to give Congress 6 mos to come up with something! Ya see, the fact is Congress couldn’t come up with comprehensive immigration “reform” for 8 (EIGHT!) years, they definitely won’t be able to do it in 6 most!!! Dream on….

    • Exactly, and something else, I cannot find record of any native American black or white, who went to this same school. I am going to try to research this further.

    • Thanks, Sallie, I try. This was an original work, as I wanted answers regarding the employment of the Albanian brothers at a high level of government. I started researching the background, and I came upon the Woodrow Wilson high school. Then I went from there. Shocking.
      I got very upset, as I know what college costs now, and know that a kid can take out loans and spend years paying them back. You are speaking of a young man who has achieved so much, but he had to work for it. Of course, he is a native American, who was born here.
      It is like they think nothing of the poverty within America. They are too busy trying to take care of these Dreamers…then they let them run our government. I see it as an invasion.

  2. Its 100% illegal to use taxpayer money for anything for these people, the only money that can be used is to round them up and ship there asses OUT!., If your someone who thinks these people need these things then you need to take them into your home and support there every need, although you would be breaking the law but if you real care (unlike I do) you should be willing to put you and your whole family at risk to save a law breaker, if not you have no business advocating for them, so step up or STFU.

  3. Trump to Dreamers: WTFU
    Trump to Senate and Ryan WTFU
    Trump to Americans we are with you
    None the less will Trump trade Dreamers for the Wall?

  4. We would never ‘break up families’, we deport en masse.
    And they would take their non-US citizen ‘anchor babies’ with them.
    Citizenship in inherited from parentage; meaning if you just happen to be born here, that does not make you a US citizen.
    ‘and subject to the jurisdiction thereof’ part of the 14th Amendment, has already been through the USSC in 1884, meaning just that. Does NOT apply to foreigners.

  5. RETARDED people and LOW IQ immigrants need SPECIAL low intensity trade schools or service job training NOT SLOWING the BRIGHT students everyday with STUPID QUESTIONS and PHONY protests to avoid final exams, and corrupt the LEARNING of others in the classrooms.

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