Illegal Immigrants are Cancerous

By Gabrielle Seunagal
Today is marked as “A Day Without Immigrants.” This movement has been engendered in response to President Trump’s steps to halt illegal immigration and entry from countries known for dangerous, anti-American ways of life and citizens who wish do harm the people of this great nation. A Day Without Immigrants is designed to show Americans what the country would be like without immigrants. Construction companies, restaurants, and other businesses with lots of immigrant workers are either closing down or donating today’s earnings to nonprofits that aid Latino communities.
Danielle Karson from NPR’s Newscast Unit reports that thousands of immigrants are refusing to eat at restaurants, shop, buy gas, or take their children to school on this day. Immigrants, regardless of their legal status, are believed to contribute to 40% of LA’s gross domestic product which is approximately $300 billion annually.  
Those in support of today’s movement fail to grasp the seriousness of illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants are three times more likely to be convicted of murder than the rest of the general population. Illegal immigrants have no place in America as they are innately breaking the law merely by being here. Upstanding immigrants who truly aim to come to America and contribute to society will follow the law and migrate here legally. This reality seems to escape liberals who are preaching about how great immigrants are, regardless of their legal status. This nation is one of laws and those laws must be upheld.

It is also noteworthy how Democrats appear to be utterly incapable of differentiating between legal immigrants and illegal immigrants. Legal immigrants follow the laws of this country and did not sneak across the border. Illegal immigrants take the opposing course of action. The Left  glorifies those who break the law and demonizes those who do. First Lady Melania Trump is an immigrant; she followed the necessary steps to become an American citizen and yet she is frequently censured by the Left.
I do not support today’s immigrant strike. The President has never spoken against legal immigrants. The President is not against immigration; he is against illegal immigration. If people cannot comprehend the difference at this point, then they are willingly choosing not to. Those who break the law must be held accountable for their actions. If you are in America illegally, your free ride is over. The gravy train is gone. You will be found and you will be deported. If you aspire to come to this country, you must follow our laws and our customs.