I’m 24 and I feel like my financial situation will suffocate me for the rest of my life.

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by ShortenedLife


I’m currently 24, graduated with a BFA about 2 years ago and now I am currently in a toxic salary paying job and feel seriously stuck and moderately depressed about my life. By stuck, I mean I feel like my financial situation is significantly preventing me from taking risks, or switching careers, or pursuing my career in a different state.

My salary is 61k/year.
Which comes to about 3,550/month after taxes.

I am contributing around 5-6% to my 401(k) and the company matches 100% up to 4%.

For monthly bills, I’ve got:

Mortgage: 1358.00.
HOA: 170.00.
Water: 33.00.
Electric/heat: 130.00.
Internet: 65.00.
Cellphone: 70.00.
Car loan: 274.00.
Car insurance 190.00.
Car gas: 70.00.
Counseling 250.00.
Student loan minimum payment: 400.00.
Parent plus loan: 500.00.
Groceries: 250.00.

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Totals to: 3760.00

Obviously I’m negative each month, but I am a 3D artist so I usually pick up some side projects to keep me a float.

I guess I’m frustrated because I feel like I am always working, day and night and at the end of the month I have absolutely no money left. I’ve gone into a deep depression because I haven’t been doing anything fun in my world because I’ve been working my butt off to pay bills off each month.

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I went into 3D because I was passionate about it and really wanted to make a career out of it, hopefully to make a decent amount of money where I had a little freedom to save up for stuff. But after getting out of college I’ve come to realization of how savage the industry is and how it would be impossible for me to take a junior/mid level position in the states where most of the jobs are posted. (California or Vancouver)

Happy to answer any additional questions,

Greatly appreciate any response!



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