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Vaccinated People Easily Transmit COVID-19 Delta Variant in Households: UK Study. “The Delta COVID-19 variant can easily transmit from vaccinated people to their household members, said a recent UK study, although its researchers concluded that vaccinations and boosters are the way forward.”

UPDATE: More: Delta Variant of COVID-19: Fully Vaccinated People Can Contract The New Variant And Spread It Further, Lancet Study Confirms.

Plus: “A total of 205 household contacts of Delta variant index cases were identified, of whom 53 tested positive for COVID-19. Among vaccinated contacts infected with the Delta variant, the median length of time since vaccination was 101 days, compared with 64 days for uninfected contacts, the researchers said. This suggests that the risk of infection increased within three months of receiving a second vaccine dose, likely due to waning protective immunity, they said.”

See also  UK MP: "I was informed that the US DoD were responsible for both the virus and the vaccines. Fort Detrick was named."

I’m beginning to think that the responsible thing to do if you’re low-risk is to contract actual Covid so that you have the superior natural immunity.


h/t Glenn

See also  Germany's Health Minister backs vigorously away from ever claiming that the vaccines were safe. Blames a single "failed" Tweet. Changes his tune completely.

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