“I’m Not Sure I’m A Democrat Anymore,” Democrats Move Too Far Left

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“I’m Not Sure I’m A Democrat Anymore,” Democrats Move Too Far Left. A Washington Post reporter tweeted during the Democratic Debate last night that someone said they aren’t sure they are a Democrat anymore because the party has moved so far to the left.

The data proves it. Time and time again we see polling data showing that the Democrats have taken a far left turn in the past 10 years, so much so that movements like #WalkAway have started to emerge and regular people are shocked by what is being proposed.

Last night every candidate offered a healthcare plan for illegal immigrants and even went so far as to say we should not be charging people for crossing the border illegally. This is tantamount to open borders and mathematically impossible.

The Democrats have just said they would provide massive incentives and no penalty for people coming here illegally, a move that is sure to encourage more people to take a risky journey.

Trump tweeted that this move by Democrats sealed their fate, it will help him get reelected. But I think it will go further and this far left social justice pandering will help Republicans in general.



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