I’m sick of covid not from covid

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by HalfwayIllumined

I’m sick of passing by a radio and hearing COVID COVID COVID

I’m sick of masks

I’m sick of anti-vaxxers

I’m sick or pro-vaxxers

In fact if you claim to be “pro” or “anti” anything just fuck off nobody cares

I’m sick of being advertised to online on where to get a “free” vaccine

I’m sick of seeing people online wish death to those who want bodily autonomy

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I’m sick of not knowing what to expect when I go to two different hardware stores in my town. One needs masks, one doesn’t?

I’m sick of people I’ve been good friends with forever vilifying me for an opinion that’s different than what they heard on Facebook.

I’m sick of hearing the dystopian loudspeaker announcements in grocery stores

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“We’re all in this together”

I’m sick of lockdowns

I’m sick of hearing about it in general just please f*ck off it’s not that bad Jesus Christ

How the f*ck is this all people talk about with a virus that soup and sleep can cure? What the f*ck.



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