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New York Daily News Prefers Socially Woke Eagles to ‘Team Trump’ in Super Bowl.
I miss the old days, when we were simply rooting for laundry.

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Rooting for Laundry from Melel Media on Vimeo.
The more they bring this political crap into the conversation the more they are going to lose viewers, stupid is as stupid does.
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  1. You can’t watch a football game without war propaganda from some jarhead telling you what an honor it is to get your legs blown off for your country. And why are we always forced to submit to the National Anthem, as an act of government worship before the game starts. If you are not free to take a knee, you are not free.

    • Everyone was free to take a knee, just as people are free to stop watching.
      I agree that military propaganda is BS. I am a veteran and I know the military does not serve the constitution, but only international commerce. I have gone out of my way to speak to public groups, including young people about why you should not join the military. Hope you have done the same.
      However, the national anthem is not government worship, unless you take it that way. The anthem is about common citizens banding together and resisting the paid mercenary military of a royal tyrant. Kneel all you want, nobody wants to take away that right. But I have a right to call you a useful idiot if you protest a song that celebrates the citizens rights to resist unjust rule. Anyone taking a knee is not doing anything but playing into the hands of powermad globalists who want to tear down the anthem because it celebrates resistance to their ancestors. Anyone saying they are not free to take a knee is delusional. You have the right to kneel, you don’t have the right to demand anyone cheer you afterwards.

      • BTW the US Supreme Court ruled that you have No i repeat No right to protest at work regarding your political view.But no where do you see that expressed in the MSM

      • The unjust rule we need to resist is the rule of the U.S. government over the American people and the rest of the world. It is owned and operated by those very globalists. This is why the American government, as it is presently constituted, must go. There is nothing in America today that we should even remotely feel patriotic about. Get rid of the FED and watch our patriotic spirit grow.

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