Imagine my Shock: Kari Lake Just Lost Arizona Governor’s Race

by Chris Black

What a disaster…she was primed to be a rising star in the GOP.

Well, you know, the thing.

Tomorrow Trump will announce he’s running in 2024.

With this rampant election fraud, there’s no chance in hell a Republican will ever win the presidency again.

Thank you for playing democracy goy.

More people showed up to vote for the treasurer than the governor in AZ, and yeah, that’s not suspicious at all, and anyone that mentions this is a MAGA election denier.


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Arizona State Treasurer Kimberly Yee won state-wide in Arizona with 55.7% of the vote. She won with 1,366,196 votes state-wide. She won by 11 points in Maricopa County.

Blake Masters lost state-wide in his Senate race in Arizona with 45.5% of the vote. He lost with 1,174,755 votes state-wide. He lost Maricopa County by 6 points.

Kari Lake lost the governor race in Arizona with 49.61% of the vote. She lost with 1,247,859 votes state-wide. She lost Maricopa County by 3 points.

If it’s a critical position like governor, senator or enough representatives to control the House, the Democrats will cheat and get away with it. They will always press every advantage to the limit, risk prosecution for crimes and count on the Lügenpresse to carry water for them. 

The worthless Republicans will do nothing.

If it’s a close election they would like to win but it’s not critical, they will let it go. 

No sense taking a risk one doesn’t need to. 

They are excellent at playing the long game and their opponent, the scumbag Republicans, will gladly roll over anyway.


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