IMAGINE MY SHOCK: Walgreens Closes 17 San Francisco Stores Due To “Out Of Control” Shoplifting

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This was the trial run…the sh*t eaters are 100 percent behind this!

The effects of allowing chaos to prevail in Democrat-controlled cities across America might not be evident to liberals and social justice warriors now, but when businesses close up, it’s going to be very transparent then.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, 17 Walgreens Pharmacy locations have shuttered their doors in San Francisco during the past five years. At least ten of the stores in the city have closed since 2019.

So if shoplifting is non punishable up to $950 in parts of California
Why not just do your shopping weekly and walk right out the door without paying?

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Steaks every night!


San Francisco Law Legalizing Shoplifting Forces Closure of Small Stores Leaving Residents Without

A law in San Francisco that legalizes shoplifting up to $950 has caused the closure of stores all across downtown.

A law in San Francisco that legalizes shoplifting of up to $950 worth of goods has caused the closure of stores all across downtown because of the massive loss they have suffered to shoplifters.

In their “wisdom,” the City Council passed Prop 47, an ordinance that prevents police officers from arresting or even stopping anyone who steals less than $950 worth of goods.

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Unsurprisingly, the new city law spurred the growth of organized gangs of thieves who gather together and run into a store as a group to grab everything they can carry knowing full well that neither the police, nor the store owners, can do a thing to stop them.


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