IMF Biggest Ever Bailout in History! Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela

Will Argentina need to sell off its assets like Greece? Like Venezuela will too?

IMF Biggest Ever Bailout in History! Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela


Argentina has just received the biggest bailout in IMF history. A massive loan to a country that has been suffering with high levels of inflation, a devalued currency, and the South American Viral Contagion that continues to spread. Weakness prevails and the economy will not strengthen in the foreseeable future.


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IMF Reaches Staff-Level Agreement with Argentina on a Three-Year, US$50 Billion Stand-By Arrangement

Argentina bailout: $50 billion loan, biggest in IMF history – Business Insider

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IMF admits mistakes in Argentina crisis – Telegraph

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UPDATE 4-Venezuela’s PDVSA raises prospect of force majeure on oil exports -sources | Agricultural Commodities | Reuters

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