Impeachment BACKFIRES On Moderate Democrats BAD, OUTRAGE And Booing Erupts, People Cry “Coup”

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Impeachment BACKFIRES On Moderate Democrats BAD, Outrage And Booing Erupts, People Cry “Coup.”
In a shocking turn protests have erupted outside the offices of moderate Democrats over their support for impeachment and even in front of one congressman who doesn’t. They say he showing “impeachment behavior.”

In many districts Democrats won in 2018, Trump won in 2016. Moderates thought they were voting in candidates who would get back to legislating and focusing on policy. Instead they are getting more “orange man bad” divisiveness.

In one event constituents booed Rep Slotkin and one person claimed she had joined a “coup against our president.”

Polls do show growing support for impeachment against Trump and while this may be bad for him the bigger question is whether it will ring true in 2020. Trump will likely not be removed by the Senate and the House will likely lose their majority and they know it.

It seems that this is a desperate hail mary pass win big or lose it all for the Democrats. Meanwhile far left democrat Ocasio Cortez calls impeachment boring and claim she is over it.

Left and far left Democrats in safe blue districts have nothing to lose. But for the moderates they stand to lose everything.

In the end the democrats have pushed forward with a confusing and irrevocably damaging impeachment inquiry that ignores due process and historical precedent all for a desperate chance at hurting Donald Trump.

The economy is at record highs, unemployment is low, Trump is removing our men and women from overseas and his approval rating is higher today than it was at its worst last month. While impeachment may not be a net positive it will definitely be destructive for all Americans.



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