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Since COVID, robbery and burglary in Houston have risen 20% and its rising higher as I’m sure it is in other places. As things get tougher people will get desperate and do things they normally wouldn’t.

If you are going out anywhere and you have to go alone, do these things to make yourself less of a target.

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ESPECIALLY IF YOU LIVE ALONE, make sure at least one other person knows where you are going, when you arrive, when you leave and when you’re home.

Park as close to the door as possible.

Wait for another person to get out of their car and “tail them” by just walking near them to the entrance.

ALWAYS drive around the area in which you are going to park and look for suspicious people sitting in cars, avoid them.

Watch for people that are loitering or sitting on the outskirts of the parking lot, they are most likely watching cars to rob and/ or people.

Wear old or basic clothing (old tennis shoes, Jeans, tshirt, hoodie etc)

Do not wear a smart watch, watch, jewelry or carry a purse

Bring only your ID, the amount of cash you’ll need and 1 card, keep the items in your front pocket.

Bring a whistle a knife/gun/ pepper spray, something to defend yourself.

Drive the ugliest car you can.

Think like a criminal, what would YOU do if you were going to do bad things?

ALWAYS have a quick avenue of escape, never allow yourself or your vehicle to be boxed in. When parking make sure you can drive forward or reverse out of the spot,even if it means walking a little farther. Remember, getting pinned means having to fight, always plan to run, live to fight another day.

Watch for people following you in the store, to your car or on the road, evade them discreetly.

Remove all items from your vehicle that can personally identify you, your identity can be stolen or your accounts emptied.

Do not leave a garage door opener in your car or in plain view if you have to carry one. Your license plate and the items I suggested removing from your car can be used to get your address, now they have a key to your home….

The idea is to not make yourself an enticing target and minimize your losses if you do get robbed.

Please take care and be well.



h/t HEB


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