IMpulse K1 Phone: Stuttgart-based blockchain and gold giant, Karatbars International, has entered the smartphone market with the most secure and protected player

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Founded in 2011, the company has developed a splendid infrastructure around blockchain technology, digital assets and precious metals to become one of the world’s leading retailers on the global precious metals market. It established the first fully licensed blockchain bank in the world, developed a blockchain solution payments and a native cryptocurrency, as well as acquired an exclusively positioned gold mine in Madagascar, stockpiling high-quality gold worth € 930 million, according to an assessment conducted by the German financial auditor MM Revisions.


Now, the company decided to enter the smartphone industry using its vast experience in blockchain solutions which are globally recognized as one of the safest ones that are available to the public. The smartphone is called IMpulse K1, and is set to be shipped to its buyers from September 2019. Here is a short list of state-of-the-art technologies involved in this “electronic shield.”


1.VOPB (Voice Over Blockchain Protocol)


VOPB allows users to communicate fully encrypted, all informations, text, voice, media, documents are sent peer to peer and end to end encrypted. This eliminates third party companies and servers. The protocol also helps users in case of lost phone or private key. With its help users can retrieve all their encrypted information via blockchain.


2.IPFS Storage (Interplanetary file storage)


With IPFS platform, a P2P decentralized storage, data is saved and encrypted using the blockchain technology. As a result, there’s no need to worry about third parties monitoring your actions, as the peer-to-peer encryption cannot be hacked or manipulated.




The WORM GUARD is a secured key protected against unwanted access that creates a protection shield around your private key. This security option, when enabled, will encrypt all devices that try to access it.


Top-level security is present when dealing with blockchaincurrencies as well. When storing digital assets, Matrix ID allows every user to create an infinite amount number of blockchain account. Every wallet can be assigned to one identity that simplifies cryptocurrency portfolio management as well as adds greater security when storing or exchanging your digital assets.

On the official website of the IMpulse K1 Phone you can find specifications of the new smartphone, as well as a description of three varieties made from gold, aluminum, carbon or titanium. It can be assumed that the price tag of such device is going to be high, but the emphasis on security – both digital and physical – something that is priceless.




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