Innovations in the e-commerce are close than you think: K-Merchant

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The start of the e-commerce era dates back to 1994. There were 600 million Internet users in China in 2014 (twice as many as in the US), making it the world’s biggest online market. China is also the largest e-commerce market in the world by value of sales, with an estimated US$899 billion in 2016. Moreover, the percentage of smartphones and internet users who make online purchases is expected to grow. E-commerce has become an essential tool for small and large businesses worldwide, not only to sell to customers but also to create better conditions for both sides. In 2012, e-commerce sales topped $1 trillion for the first time in history

Mobile devices are playing a massive role in the world of e-commerce; this is also commonly called mobile commerce, or m-commerce. Purchases made on mobile devices made up 45% of the whole market by 2018.

In 2019 Karatbars company introduced K-Merchant. A platform for e-commerce trading. Based on blockchain, K-Merchant does not іnvolve any human іnterference and provides 100% guarantee for its users that the purchasing operation will be successful. With this technology, the number of e-commerce companies will double, as K-Merchant delivers a secure and guaranteed method of providing cryptocurrency transaction on a custom-tailored blockchain protocol.


Once a completed payment vіa K-Merchant іs done, a K-Merchant payment order cannot be deleted, dіmіnіshed, changed or even manіpulated. This means that e-commerce ( same as m-commerce ) markets will grow as it will be much easier for small businesses to create their trading platform. Within the first two years, after K-Merchant will officially be launched, I expect a 15% growth in the e-commerce market worldwide.

“K-Merchant is an absolutely secure and transparent payment system due to the blockchain technology. Everything runs automatically, legally secure and above all quickly: The customer initiates a payment via K-Merchant, the system validates it, and the process is completed – irrevocably and without costs. The payments are then credited to the service provider in the twinkling of an eye and irreversibly. The retailer / online shop has to install the payment system and accept crypto payments.

K-Merchant can, of course, be integrated into the most popular online shop systems such as Magento, Shopify or Prestashop.” says Dr. h.c. Harald Seiz, head of the Karatbars group, which initiated the K-Merchant.

If you are interested in the K-Merchant product, feel free to read more information here.



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