In 1987 Michael Levine, a deep cover operative, created a three part sting operation that would have halted the cocaine trade to the US for at least a year. Different agencies worked together to sabotage the operation to make sure that wouldn’t happen.

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A few years ago I interviewed Mr Levine about his true crime novel Deep Cover.

I wanted to write a movie screenplay about the happening. It’s conspiracy in it’s truest form. The DEA and CIA worked together with the Attorney General to sabotage the mission. The movie deal never worked out, but I still feel like the story needs some more attention.

True Story:

In a dazzling multi-layered story we see inside the darkest side of the war on drugs with a fly-on-the-wall view of the greatest international deep cover sting operation in law enforcement history, and how and why it was sabotaged by special interests in the back rooms of the US government. If successful, Michael’s operation would have shattered a growing monster while still in its cradle, a no nonsense payout for the trillion dollars American were taxed for this no-win war.

  1. DEA agent Michael Levine is a true believer in the war on drugs. He is driven by a drug-addicted brother’s suicide and frustrated by the bullshit drug war victories endlessly paraded in the media. Michael is trying desperately to build an ambitious international sting operation that will really make a difference. His targets; the legendary and secretive Bolivian drug cartel called La Corporaciónwhich was responsible for ninety percent of the cocaine distribution to the US, their Mexican government partners and the CEO of the Panama based cartel money laundering operation. A perfect Trifecta.
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As the action unfolds, we realize through the eyes of Mike and his deep cover team that the true enemies they are facing are corrupt government officials embedded in DEA, CIA, the State and the Justice Departments whom are determined to destroy Operation Trifecta. All in order to protect: a military clandestine war on drugs in the jungles of Bolivia called Operation Snowcap, international trade agreements (NAFTA) and the secret support of the Nicaraguan Contras. With no regard for the lives of many undercover DEA agents.

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Clips of Michael Levine:

There are many more videos about him.

I have a 20 page treatment of the novel for anyone who’s interested in reading a dramatized version of the events. It’s quite entertaining and shocking.


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