In 2007/08, government refrained from stating that there were clear signs of an economic slowdown because they didn’t want to fuel the fire. Today, we have risk of recession in multiple global economies:

by amemon0326

  • UK: Consumer confidence is growing, however due to Brexit no-deal, the country is in a perfect position to significantly feel the effects of any global slowdown
  • Japan: Officials have been saying that the country may have already been in a recession since Mar ’19, things aren’t looking pretty with the new Japan/Korea trade dispute
  • Germany: Low auto purchases are affecting the country, analysts said that low exports are slipping Germany into recession territory (although not yet there) edit: also breaking their budget balance stance in anticipation of a recession
  • Italy: GDP growth has slowed to a projected .1% this year
  • Singapore: The business giant just had their second quarter of negative GDP growth, confirmed at -3.3% due to global trade slowdowns
  • Argentina: Their market just had the largest market crash since 1950, and are again at the brink of a recession, there is worry that the country will default on its debts
  • Mexico: High unemployment, investment has dropped, services sector is dropping
  • Brazil: Largest economy in Latin America, suffering from low manufacturing production, the country is releasing a report in the coming weeks which will determine whether or the not it is already in recession

I’m not saying that a doomsday recession is coming, or anything of that sort. But I think it’s naive to think that other major global economies’ slowdowns won’t affect the US economy in anyway.




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