IN 2020, HE’S NOT CRAZY ENOUGH FOR THEM: Chris Matthews resigns from MSNBC.

Chris Matthews resigns from MSNBC.

UPDATE: It’s really because he dissed Bernie. The rest is just window dressing.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Chris Matthews, MSNBC’s Least Woke Host, Retires Amidst #MeToo Allegations. “The sudden resignation shows the punitive power of a #MeToo movement that has often failed to draw important distinctions between genuinely disturbing behavior and mere boorishness. Moreover, the other two recent criticisms of Matthews—his handling of Warren, and a comment about Sanders—were incredibly overblown.”

At this point, #MeToo is just a tool for purging inconvenient straight males from the media world. If you’re, say, Don Lemon you get a pass.

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MORE: What’s the real reason for Chris Matthews’s MSNBC exit? If MSNBC didn’t care about Matthews’s alleged transgressions in 2017, why would they care now? “The truth is that Matthews’s real transgression was challenging the leftward lurch of the Democratic party. Matthews apologized last Monday after outrage over his comparison of Sen. Bernie Sanders’s win in the Nevada primary to the Nazis invading France in World War Two. His comparison was certainly ill-chosen, but it would’ve played just fine if he weren’t talking about the Democratic frontrunner — MSNBC hosts across the board have compared Donald Trump to Hitler with no major backlash. Matthews only got into real trouble when he challenged Sen. Elizabeth Warren for reflexively believing a woman who claimed former mayor Michael Bloomberg told her to kill her baby upon discovering she was pregnant.”

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